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Tempo is a wonderful dog! He stands 20.5" tall and weighs about 38 pounds. He has beautiful structure and movement and a lovely temperament. He is friendly to all dogs and all people, including young children. He has a LOT of play drive, always up for a game of tug and fetch. Tempo is extremely biddable and focused. Even as a young puppy, I could play fetch with him off-leash with other dogs and people nearby without any fear of him being distracted. As long as he is working, he pays no attention to whatever is going on around him. He is currently in training for both agility and obedience and shows a lot of talent in both activities. Thanks so much to OffOn/Mary Kline, On Target/Lisa Kronz, and Bugaboos/Linda Grove for giving me such a wonderful boy! His dam, Lovee, is a full sister to Diane Sander's Keen. His sire, Logic, is a full brother to Annette Alfonso's Poison. Both Keen and Poison are accomplished agility dogs. His grandfather, Dart, is a full brother to Linda Mecklenberg's Stellar. Tempo is CEA/CH Normal by parentage, CERF normal, and BAER normal.

Click here for Tempo's AKC Pedigree.

Click here for Tempo's OFA Prelim x-rays.


Tempo and me shortly after he earned his MACH in August, 2013. Tempo is 3 years old in this picture.


(below 4 pics) Tempo at 10 months.
(above 2 pics and right) Tempo at 16 months.
(above 2 pics and right) Tempo at 20 months.

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