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NAC2 OTCH MACH7 ADCH NATCH Comebye Jessie Lee UDX2 RE LAA-Bronze (plus other USDAA and ASCA titles) "Jessie" (Border Collie) (12/27/95 - 9/24/10)

Jessie was an amazing dog! She was my "once in a lifetime" dog and my very special companion and soul-mate. Jessie won almost every major AKC and USDAA agility competition offered in the United States at least once and also did extremely well overseas. She won the 26" Steeplechase at the 1999 USDAA National Championships in Cleveland, OH. She was the two-time AKC National Agility Champion (24") in 1999 and 2000 in Denver, CO, and Springfield, MA. She won the USDAA DAM National Championship in Fair Hill, MD, with teammates Linda Mecklenberg/Awesome and Paulena Hope/Timeflies. She was also the USDAA Grand Prix World Champion (26") in 2001 in Del Mar, CA. She served on the AKC/USA World Team for three years, including winning the 2001 FCI World Team Gold Medal in Portugal with Teammates Linda Mecklenberg/Awesome, Steve Frick/Comet, and Elicia Calhoun/Suni. Jessie continued her winning ways in Obedience competition, her second career. At age 10, she earned her UD and UDX. At age 11, on March 3, 2007, she completed her OTCH and her UDX2. Click HERE for Jessie's Pages.




MACH2 ADCH IWAC Comebye Raisin UD MXF LAA-Bronze, etc. "Raisin" (Border Collie)

Raisin was born 2-21-2005 and is Jessie's niece. She is out of Jessie's sister Dart (Comebye Bronco's Legacy NA NAJ) and Mitch (CH OTCH CT HC Blitzen's Sharp Dressed Man). Raisin has a lot of drive, is very light on her feet, quick to learn, and very athletic. She can also be quite headstrong, which has sometimes been a challenge. She wants a say in everything we do and sometimes she is quite convinced that her way is best! She is always very fun to train since her enthusiasm never stops, whether we are doing agility, obedience, hiking, or just playing in the yard. She is about 18.25" tall and 32 pounds. Click HERE for Raisin's Page.



MACH5 ADCH Comebye Picassa T2B MXF "Picassa" (Border Collie)

Picassa was born on 11-26-2007. Her dam is Snap (Comebye Unbridled) and her sire is Cruiser (CH Cinlock Cruzin T'Waves HT). She has been slower to mature than some of my other dogs, but is very bright and athletic. She is a "natural" heeling dog, staying in perfect heel position almost without training. She jumps without effort and can jump 16" or 26" with equal ease. She has a very flexible, cat-like body. She is one of the few Border Collies that I know that has never gone through a fear period. She is very social with all people, including children. At first she did not have as much drive for agility as some of my other Border Collies, but her drive has increased markedly and she is now very fast and fun to run. Picassa is 17.75" tall and about 29 pounds. Click HERE for Picassa's page.






MACH4 ADCH OffOn Up The Tempo T2B XF "Tempo" (Border Collie)

Tempo was born on 4-14-2010. He is about 20.5" tall and weighs about 38 lbs. He is beautifully built with a very sweet temperament. He is very soft, so was a bit slower to mature and develop speed than some of my others, but he has lots of focus and desire to please. Click HERE for Tempo's page.


MACH ADCH Cinderlane's Meant For Me T2B XF CDX "Wynton" (Border Collie)

Wynton is the son of Raisin x Tempo, born on 3-13-2011. He combines Raisin's energy and enthusiasm for all training activities with Tempo's desire to please and biddability. He learns everything very quickly and puts 200% into everything he does! Click HERE for Wynton's page.




MACH4 ADCH Story To Tell XF, LAA-bronze, etc. "Story" (Border Collie)

Story is a "first generation" agility dog out of herding trial lines. She is a very focused and willing agility partner and a sweet dog to live with. She earned all of her agility titles easily and has consistently qualified for all USDAA and AKC Nationals each year since she began competing. She is fast, but was never be the fastest, due to a mild case of "early take-off syndrome" that has plagued her for her entire agility career. She was spayed for that reason. The cause is unknown, but she has difficulty judging where things are in space due to a possible visual or visual interpretation defect. This means that she must take a tiny fraction of a second longer to judge where each jump is before she jumps. In spite of this challenge, she has had a long and successful agility career. Story is 19.75" tall and about 33 pounds. Click HERE for Story's page.





TBC Kyla Rae "Kyla" (Border Collie)

Kyla is our newest and youngest family member. She was born on September 7, 2015. She is out of Vicki Ramsay's Rhea and Karen Thompson's Mick. We are looking forward to seeing her grow and develop her talents! At age 7 months, she was about 18.5" tall and about 28 lbs. Click HERE for Kyla's page.




MACH Comebye On A Roll MAD "Dice" (Border Collie)

Dice is Bob's dog. She is the first and only dog that he has ever trained. They have become a very successful team with only limited showing. They finished their MACH on April 14, 2007, when Dice was 6 years old. Click HERE for Dice's page.




MACH Triune's Finish With Flair AAD "Flair" (Shetland Sheepdog, now lives with my niece, Marla Summers)

Flair is our token small dog. She earned her MACH before her third birthday. At only 13 3/4", she is a small sheltie and has taught us much about training and handling small dogs in agility. She now lives with my niece, Marla Summers, in Indiana.






MACH ADCH NATCH Highland's Gidgit UDT "Gidgit" (Border Collie - deceased)

Gidgit was my first agility dog. She was having a difficult time with the out of sight stays in obedience and I was becoming very frustrated. A friend suggested that I take some time off to do agility. Gidgit began her agility training at almost 6 years old. By age 10, she had earned her MACH, ADCH, and NATCH titles and I was hooked on agility! We never went back to obedience.




U-CDX Meadowpond Rikki-Tikki-Tavi UDTX "Rikki" (Golden Retriever - deceased)

Rikki was my most talented tracking dog. He earned his TDX with extraordinary focus and enthusiasm, never veering off the track for its entire length except for circling the first turn once. He nailed the track in less than 14 minutes, dragging me up cliffs and across arroyos! He was also a talented competition obedience dog, with multiple High-In-Trials and a Gaines Regional placement. I had hopes of earning an OTCH with him. Unfortunately, a bad elbow ended his obedience career shortly after earning his UD.




U-CDX Autumn Sun UDT "Sunny" (Brittany - deceased)

Sunny was the very first dog I ever trained. Someone told me that Brittanies were smart and medium sized so I got one. How little I knew! He was smart and medium sized, but he was also out of all-age field trial lines and had a huge range and a strong drive to run to the horizon if I looked the other way. I worked very hard with him to keep him from bolting. After taking him through several Novice classes, I finally entered him at the huge AstroHall shows in Houston in Novice A. He came in 2nd out of about 75 dogs. Obedience then became my passion! Once we solved the bolting problem, he became a very good dog to train. He earned multiple all-breed Obedience High-In-Trials during his career. He also earned his TD title in about 5 minutes with total focus and commitment.



MACH ADCH Ready To Rock "Rocky" (Border Collie - deceased)

Rocky accomplished a lot during his short career. He won Round 3 of the 2004 World Team Invitational. He also won the 2004 USDAA Regional Championship in Dallas, TX. He qualified twice for the USDAA Grand Prix Finals in 2002 and 2004, placing 6th both times. Rocky had incredible acceleration and ground speed and was the most "verbal" dog I have ever owned; name an obstacle and he would find it! Unfortunately, he had to be retired at age 5 due to uncontrolled epilepsy.