NAC2 OTCH MACH7 ADCH NATCH Comebye Jessie Lee UDX2 RE LAA-Bronze, etc.

December 27, 1995 – September 24, 2010

Summary of major accomplishments:

USDAA Agility

  • Won the 2001 26” Grand Prix World Championship in San Diego, CA.  She won the Quarter Finals, was second place in the Semi-Finals, and then won the Finals.  Also won several Grand Prix Regionals over the years and was a Grand Prix Finalist in several other Grand Prix World Championships.  
  • Won the 26” Steeplechase in the 1999 USDAA Nationals in Cleveland, OH.  Was a Steeplechase Finalist in several other USDAA Championships as well.
  • Won the 2000 DAM Team Championship in Fair Hill, MD, with teammates Linda Mecklenberg/Awesome and Paulena Hope/Time Flies.
  • Earned her ADCH many times over.  Earned an LAA Bronze (would probably have been Gold except for a shortage of Pairs legs).  Also earned many other USDAA titles for the various tournaments and titling classes.

NADAC Agility

  • Went from Novice to NATCH in ten weekends.

AKC Agility

  • Won the 1999 24” National Agility Championship in Denver, CO.  She placed in all four rounds of the competition, with two first places, one second place, and one fourth place.
  • Won the 2000 24” National Agility Championship in Springfield, MA.
  • Won the Maxi (26”) International Sweepstakes competition at the 2001 AKC Agility Nationals.
  • Was the #1 Border Collie in 2001 by MACH points.
  • Earned a MACH7 with over a 91% qualifying rate during her best year.  Keep in mind that there were almost no AKC Agility Trials in New Mexico for most of her career!
  • Retired with a MACH7 and enough points for a MACH15.

AKC/USA Agility World Team  

  • Earned a place on the AKC/USA Agility World Team in 2000, 2001, and 2002.  We traveled to Finland, Portugal, and Germany for the FCI World Championships.
  • Jessie's Team won the Gold medal at the 2001 FCI World Team Championships with teammates Linda Meckenberg/Awesome, Elicia Calhoun/Suny, and Steve Frick/Comet.  That was the first and only year to date that the American 26” team has won Gold at this event.

AKC Rally

  • Earned her RE title very quickly, with only limited showing while she was working on her UD. 

AKC Obedience

  • Earned her CD before 2 years of age in one three-day weekend with all scores over 195.
  • Earned her CDX at age 5 years in one three-day weekend with all scores over 195, including a High In Trial, winning a 3-way runoff with two well-known competitors out of Open B/Utility B.
  • Earned her UD at age 10 years.  Prior to showing for her UD, she had been shown for only two weekends of obedience for her CD and CDX.  She earned her UD quickly and began accumulating OTCH points almost immediately.
  • Earned her OTCH and UDX2 at age 11 years, completing these titles only about one year after earning her UD.  She earned several High In Trials and High Combineds along the way.

Some of Jessie's major wins...

(above) Jessie and Linda after winning the 1999 AKC 24" National Agility Championship. Of the four individual rounds in this event, Jessie won two first places, a second place, and a third place.


(above) Jessie and Linda winning the 2000 AKC 24" National Agility Championship.




(above) Linda and Jessie (center) on the winners podium after winning the 2001 USDAA 26" Grand Prix World Championship. Second place was won by Susan Garrett and Buzz. Third place was won by Jen Pinder and Static.



(above) The AKC/USA Maxi Team wins the GOLD Medal in Porto, Portugal, at the FCI World Championships in 2001. Team members were Steve Frick/Comet, Elicia Calhoun/Sunni, Linda Mecklenberg/Awesome, and Linda Kipp/Jessie. Linda and Jessie were on the AKC/USA World Team for 2000, 2001, and 2002. They traveled with the Team to Finland, Portugal, and Germany.



(above) Jessie and Linda winning High In Trial at the Plum Creek Kennel Club obedience trial in 2001 following a 3-way run-off. Jessie also earned her CDX and placed first in two Excellent B agility classes the same weekend!


(above) Jessie going High In Trial at the Durango Kennel Club obedience trial in 2006. Jessie was 10 years old and had just earned her UD after being retired from agility competition.




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  (above) Jessie winning High In Trial and High Combined at the Valencia Valley Kennel Club obedience trial in 2006. She finished her UDX at this trial, after earning 5 consecutive UDX legs.