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MACH2 ADCH Comebye Raisin UD MXF x OffOn Up The Tempo MX MXJ OF puppies arrived on March 13, 2011.

Their beautiful puppies are full of health, vigor, and promise! It will be exciting to watch them grow and develop.



Raisin weaving - see Raisin's Page for more info.

Tempo stalking - see Tempo's page for more info.

March 11, 2010 - Raisin was restless last night and rearranged the bedding in her whelping box.

On the morning of March 12, Raisin's temperature dropped to 97.7 F and stayed low all day. We are expecting her to deliver during the next 24 hours!

Raisin in our borrowed whelping box waiting for the big day!  

On Sunday, March 13, beginning at about 5:30 AM, Raisin gave birth to four beautiful healthy puppies, three girls and one boy. All of them are very dark. They are mostly black with white blazes, white muzzles, white feet, white tail tip, and white bellies. They are all marked very much like Raisin except that three of them have varying amounts of white on the backs of their necks. Since they are all mostly black, the theme of this litter is "BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL". They are all named after famous black musicians, since their father, Tempo, has a musical name.

Puppy #1 (female) - Diana - 12.2 oz. (small white streak on back of neck)

Puppy #2 (female) - Aretha - 11.8 oz. (no white on back of neck)

Puppy #3 (female) - Lena - 9.5 oz. (small round white spot on back of neck)

Puppy #4 (male) - Wynton - 11.5 oz. (largest amount of white on back of neck and longer white socks on legs)


(above) First two girls, (left) Aretha and (right) Diana. (above) All four puppies. Upper left is Lena, lower left is Diana, on right is Aretha lying on top of Wynton.

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