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Linda Kipp's Art Gallery, 2000-2010

The following paintings and drawings were completed between 2000 and 2010. Dog agility had become a huge part of my life, leaving little time for artwork. From time to time, when I was injured or my dogs were injured, or I just felt like doing something different, I would open up my paintbox and go to work. I always had a painting or two in progress at any given time. They would just take a while to complete.


Firehole River (oil on canvas, 30"x44")

Bob and I took a trip through Yellowstone National Park in 2006. This trip became an inspiration for several paintings. Above is the first painting based on what we saw during this trip.


Yellowstone River (oil on canvas, 30"x44")

This is another painting inspired by our trip to Yellowstone. I don't really think it is finished yet... Every time I look at it, I want to repaint some part of it again. So it may change somewhat during the coming year...


Sandia Rockslide (oil on canvas, 30"x44")

This painting has taken about 12 years to complete! I started it about 12 years ago, based on a photo I took while hiking in the Sandia Mountains. The composition was not what I wanted, so I stored it in the garage for about 5 years. While cleaning, I came across it again and painted over the previous painting, changing the composition completely. But, I could not get it right, so back it went into the garage for another 5 years. I pulled it out again recently and painted over it once more and finally like the result.


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