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Linda Kipp's Art Gallery, 1990-2000

The following paintings and drawings were completed between 1990 and 2000, when Bob and I lived in Albuquerque, NM. My work at this time was much inspired by the beautiful southwest landscape surrounding us.


Tracking in Placitas (oil on canvas, 24"x36")

After moving to Albuquerque, tracking with dogs became my passion. I spent many hours in the "Bigfoot" tracking area in Placitas tracking. I became intimately familiar with the terrain there as I explored the area and mapped out tracks. Occasionally I brought my camera along. This painting was based on a picture I took while a few of us were plotting tracks for an upcoming tracking test. I believe that the two people in the background were Judy Carr and Red Oliver. At first I almost left them out, but then decided they added something to the overall painting. Their dogs were running around also, but I did not include them. They would have made the painting "too busy".


Corrales Cottonwoods (oil on canvas, 30"x40")

I have always loved the big twisted cottonwoods of the valley. Here are two old cottonwoods along a road in Corrales beside a field. It was winter, so they were without leaves. I think that at least one of these trees has since been cut down.


Clay Along the Road to Cuba (oil on canvas, 24"x34")

I was intrigued by the redness of the clay along the road between Bernallillo and Cuba in New Mexico. One day, I had to get out of the car and photogragh it. This painting is based on one of those photograghs.


Prickly Pear in the Sandias (oil on canvas, 30"x44")

Bob and I hiked frequently in the Sandia Mountains. This painting is based on a photogragh that I took on one of our hikes. I don't think that this trail is open to the public anymore because of nearby development.


Trail in the Sandias (oil on canvas, 30"x44")

This is another hiking-inspired painting. This trail is just east of Albuquerque on the west side of the Sandia Mountains. The chamisa was in full bloom.


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