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Linda Kipp's Art Gallery, 1980-1990

The following paintings and drawings were completed between 1980 and 1990, when Bob and I lived in Houston, TX.


Bob (pastel on paper, 18"x24")

This was a portrait I did of my husband, Bob, based on a photo I took of him during a trip to England. We had only been married a short time when this was done, when we were both much younger (and he still had all of his hair). For years, his parents hung this picture on their wall since they lived so far away and wanted something to remember him by. After Bob's parents passed away, this drawing came back to us.


Sunny (watercolor on paper, 19"x28")

Sunny was my first dog, the first of many. He was a Brittany and we had him for 14 years. He was my introduction to dog training and my first teacher. I showed him in obedience and tracking, where he earned his UD and TD. Here he is lying on the floor of our house in Houston.


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